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House of Athlete - Brandon Marshall's modern gym concept for professional and everyday athletes.

House of Athlete - Brandon Marshall's modern gym concept for professional and everyday athletes.


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House of Athlete

Founded by 13-year NFL veteran Brandon Marshall, House of Athlete is a lifestyle wellness brand created by the elite athlete for the everyday athlete. Leading with a truly comprehensive and holistic approach to well-being, HOA offers unmatched state of the art facilities, a plant-based supplement line, and sporty apparel line. Their mission is simple, to elevate every athlete to the best version of themselves in mind and mental fortitude.

Clients ask

Design and develop a breakthrough 360 launch campaign for House of Athlete’s upcoming locations, supplement and apparel lines, complete with a highly targeted social strategy roll-out.

One tribe, one vision for wellness

We set out to bring the core vision behind House of Athlete to the forefront and hero the power of the athlete mindset with 5 founding pillars - train, fuel, mental fitness, recovery, and the power of the tribe.

Within just 3 weeks time, the team at Wheelhouse devoured the fitness industry from the inside out and developed a keen understanding of key insights and realms of opportunity for House of Athlete. From there, we put the pedal to the metal and built out a social strategy complete with audience segments, detailed personas, geotargetted demographics, and channel-specific roll-outs.

Rooted in strategy and well-versed in the marketplace, we designed and developed a myriad of ready-to-go campaign concepts. These were complete with taglines and headlines for pre and post launch, as well as OOH and digital executions to invite audiences to check out the newest House on the block.